North Pole Summer Festival

Thanks for checking back on the new mix, Swetch!

Worth the effort, Leon! Really cool track.


Thanks, Jonathan!

Absolutely lovely! You have a superb way of effortlessly using unusual time signatures that sound completely unforced and natural. Beautifully detailed and delicate arrangement and lovely guitar and bass - how did you record them?


Steve, thanks! Interesting; my son was suggesting I turn the whole thing into 6/8, but I felt it had a certain lilt that I liked, so I made him learn it in 11/8.

I had seen a video in which an acoustic guitar was recorded using two omnidirectional mics spaced about two feet apart and maybe 15-20 inches from the guitar. So I tried it with my Rode NT-5’s using the omni capsules I had bought in addition to the cardioid capsules they came with. I had previously noticed that spaced omni’s get a much fuller sound on a string quartet, as compared with cardioids in ORTF, which is what I normally use on orchestras. I think they worked on classical guitar as well.

Bass was recorded using a single AT-2020 LDC mic somewhere between the bridge and the f-hole, a foot or a little more away from the bass. We did the recording in a hurry; we had to get ready for a family Zoom music recital! The sea lions were definitely restless, and I was running out of sardines. But I think the AT-2020, maybe the cheapest Audio Technica you can buy, did pretty well.

I’d show you the video we made, but one of us is too ugly!

Very clever. Both summery but icy. Nice, thanks for sharing.