Norwegian pop/rock

Hi there people :slight_smile:

Here is another test from Håkons upcoming cd.
Norwegian pop/rock and it is called “Ingenting å gjøre med”
And you can get it here:

In English it means “there is nothing to do about it” and it is about a woman that Håkon was interested in but she turned out to be a lesbian, LOL

We recorded this in 2005 on SX 2, but I’ve reworked it now in C6 for the upcoming cd
New drums, new mix etc.
I used battery 2 with the mixtended rock kit on the original, but I ditched that and reprogrammed the whole thing for superior drummer instead. The drums here is the avatar kit minus the bd.
The bd is from their music city “Nashville” expansion

Vocals: Håkon into my now defunct Behringer B2 Mic
Bass: Trilogy
El piano: Lounge Lizard 2
Guitars: miced with my live rig.
Acoustic guitars: My ibanez ae 30 into the box.
Loops: Stylus
Drums: Superior Drummer 2

So again I ask: how is the mix?
I really need to know since this will be my first commercially produced cd.
Lay it on me, both pros and cons

Thank you in advance

Kim :slight_smile:

Can’t argue with that. :smiley: :smiley:

Damn Onkle…it’s so frustrating listening to your stuff…it’s so darn good!!! :laughing: Seriously, this sounds very good. A punchy song, well written and arranged, great playing etc…

If I could offer anything, it would be that it sounds a little light on the low end. The bass and kick are both very clean and punchy but, to my ears, could use just a touch more bottom end.

As usual, great drum programming and some kick butt guitar playing!


Hi Kim,

I like the tune and these are some good solid performances all around, but I think you said you just got some new studio monitors? It sounds to me like you’re getting a different response from them than you did from your old ones. This mix seems heavy on the high end and not as full in the low end as what I’m used to hearing from you.
Have you tried listening on multiple systems? If so, does it sound that way to you at all?
I’ll try this again tomorrow with fresh ears, but that’s the impression I’m getting - that it could be fatter and warmer sounding.

Hi there Lenny and thanks for commenting.
Hmm a bit bass light? Same as the previous track then.
I’ll have to look into this, maybe turn the subwoofer down some decibels when I mix.
That said I’ve been actively trying to restrain myself on these mixes, I’ve tried to do them in a very standard, conform and perhaps a little unexciting way. This because Håkon seem to like it this way; let the song do the speaking and not the production so to speak.

Another thing about this song in particular: everything minus the new superior drums was recorded in spring 2005.
I too notice that the vocal and guitar sound is more “harsh” or “brittle” compared to what I do now. I’ll probably redo the guitars with a more neutral sounds to make them gel better. Håkon is pleased with his takes so I guess I’ll just try to reel them in with come corrective eq.
I’ll probably do a real bass on it too, instead of using the trilogy take.

Again, thank you Lenny :slight_smile:

All the best, Kim

Hi Steve :slight_smile:
I agree on the acoustic guitars, I don’t want to re record them I am getting short on time here to get the cd finished, but I will try to soften them up a bit.
I am also thinking about redoing the el guitars as these were recorded in 2005. If I do this I’ll use less distortion and and a slightly rounder sound.
Off pitch vocals? Wait till I tell Håkon about this, haha
I’ll run them through Melodyne and see how it turns out.

Thank you for listening.

All the best, Kim

Thank you Karl. The bass thing is duly noted. Weird thing is that it sounds just about right here, but I guess I can fix that by turning down the sub-woofer a bit.

All the best, Kim :slight_smile: