Nostalgia ... Wizoo Steinberg VST Drum Session CDs!!

Well, I was wondering about “prepackaged” drum loops, and remembered back in the VST 5.2 days I might have bought some of these, so went upstairs to look.

Yes indeed, I have 3 of them … two of them still in the original plastic wrapping!

“Straight Rock”, “Pop”, one more I can’t remember. I checked out the opened one … it had two disks of song files in VST .all format, using REX/ReCycle technology. There was a 3rd disk of audio for auditioning the sound.

And … wait for it! … a 4th disk … Cubase VST/24 CD!! Woo-hoo! :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I decided way back when to go with Jamstix instead … and now, though I’m at least a bit interested in seeing what they sound like, I don’t feel like firing up the old computer just to run SX3 (which I believe is necessary to do in order to convert the .all files to .cpr format). Jamstix can generate the drum patterns I need …

I guess I should just chuck them? Seems such a shame!

Ah, nostalgia… The thing that can bring tears of sadness and joy at the same time…:slight_smile:

I started out with rebirth v1, some cruddy magix music studio (original) and thanks to radium- cubase XT - which got me hooked to the real deal;) my old logic dongle is also a good bit of sweat n tears:p
Then theres the ol gear thats sitting around in my old music room… The sound modules, akai sampler, supernova, cs1x, jp8000, drumstation, mixer, blablablabla iomega zips, scsi cd drives, bla dat bla midi interfaces that cant be attached to anything nymore, many harddrives , pcs n laptop full of old tracks that will never be played again, and some other “ahem” things that are not in use …
Thanks for killing my studio Mr. ITB:p - jk, i luv u;)
But yeah, good times… Part of growing up i guess;)

What remains?

The love, the experience, the dream… The commitment, the loyalty, the urge to go even further…

Edit: maybe most importantly, the people, the music, the love, the good times, and everything else, rly, everything;)

I have Halion 2 on CD, it bears te Wizoo moniker… Thanks for reminding me, I will have to see if that loads in C8Pro.

I want to say I ended up buying all the Wizoo REX drum CD’s… they sounded great, but a bit hard to alter rhythmically and dynamically, although not impossible, and probably would be far easier to do today, what with improvements to the DAW as well as my own skills.

Hey guys, I’m after the soundbanks that came with Halion2, or the whole product itself, any ideas how / where I can aquire it?

I too have all 3 of these from back-when, but have not opened them in many years until now.

The songs are in the old .all format, which must be converted as per this page:

The process actually works. Using the downloadable Cubase SE 3 I have successfully converted all 20 of the Pop and all 20 of the R&B .all songs to modern .prj format.

Strangely though, and disappointingly, I could not do the conversion on the Straight Rock songs (none of them!) because when Cubase SE 3 was used to open them, only one little truncated track was displayed (instead of a screenful of beautifully arranged tracks in the other cases.).

BTW, all the .rex files were there and seem fine, so if anyone has somewhere along the line converted the Straight Rock .all files to .prj I would really appreciate to have them (please PM me).

Its’ great to have these drum arrangements (Pop and R&B) up and running again. The “all .rex” approach is not as convenient for editing as .mid files would be IMO, but it can still be done. In any case, the arrangements are very well played and I’m enjoying jamming to them again along with my more modern stuff.