Not a bad Update but just a bit pricey

Even if I find that the update is a little expensive, everything is not negative in this one. The two new kits sound really good. However, was it necessary to include them in the update rather than selling them as VST Sound Instrument Sets, which would have resulted in a cheaper update and let everyone free to get them at the price normally suggested for this type of libraries. Maybe one kit would have been enough.

Decompose is very interesting new fonction that gives the possibility to separate the tonal (harmonic part) from the noise component of a sample (the attack) or what you want. Excellent for creativity. The recording function is also a good addition too and the new relationship of Beat Agent and Style Player (GM Instrument mapping only) is also a plus.

The most interesting feature is the new loading panel with the ability to pre-listen to MIDI styles and patterns and quick accessibility to Kits, Instruments and Hard Drives.

The new ability to change the size of the window is not the most convincing since no object resizes. Having a button discreetly housed in the interface or an option in the tab of the same name that would resize the interface 5, 10 or 50% would occasionally work without using the magnifying glass provided with Windows, because actually some features are associated with buttons so tiny that a magnifying glass is sometimes necessary to distinguish and reach them.

AAX support is a good news for AVID users and HiDPI support will be surely useful for Ultra HD.

So, It’s not a bad update but maybe a bit too pricey.

I agree that that there are some decent improvements though I wish Steinberg would do a walk through video showing the interface changes. So far just 3 vids mainly on the decompose feature and poor vague images on the site. I can’t get a feel for the product. Also I agree it’s too expensive. It’s like $147 Canadian upgrade from GA 4 and with Cubase 10 just around the corner hmmm I’d pay $99 Canadian.

Wonder whether at some point the powers that be at Steinberg might start “listening” to users. That way they might sell more than about 2 a day! :wink:

I was expecting something like €49. But €99 is way too expensive for an upgrade and totally out of context compared to the price of the full product. And as far as I can see not enough new feature to justify this. The new acoustic kit is a little better than what comes with v4 but still sounds to synthetic for my taste and the minor improvements are also not convincing me to do an upgrade with this price tag. So won’t be doing this one.

is it possible now with GA5 to use/load acoustic drum elements(snare,kick etc…) from all acoustic kits included and purchased ?
for example use simon phillips snare on nashville drum kit, or build all new kit from acoustic kits installed ?(like in SD3 for example when you have menu of drums to choose from)

i also agree the upgrade price is pricy and not proportional,and the video released are not in par with the late good videos released for other steinberg products

Good question ! someone can answer ? :confused:

Unfortunately no.

You can only drag files from the following locations : MediaBay, Project window of your DAW, Pool, Sample Editor (regions), Audio Part Editor, LoopMash slices, File Explorer/macOS Finder or any Hard Drives.

Yes that would be worthy of a point upgrade. I was hoping for that and more like including drum synths in the architecture like Maschine…

At Best Service you get the full version of Groove Agent 5 even for 159,00€, the update price of 99,99€ doesn’t fit anymore, so please Steinberg lowers the update price.

I was wondering this myself because IMO this is a vital option to be flexible and be able to customize your kit when desired. That this still isn’t possible makes it even more of a disappointment! With BFD3 you can mix any snare or other component from any kit that’s installed. I’ll wait and see what GA6 brings? But I have the feeling they’re just not competitive enough when it comes to acoustic drums and it might just go more toward the electronic market. I think they will have to decide what GA6 will become. I just don’t think you can please both markets on a high level and have to decide if you want to serve the dance scene or the ones looking for good acoustic drums? As far as acoustic goes they moved in the right direction with the Simon Philips kits but this upgrade is obviously a few steps in the wrong direction! XLN’s addictive drummer and Toontrack’s EZ drummer are both cheaper and have a lot more to offer sound wise and are more user friendly IMO. BFD3 and Superior drummer3 are the next level at about twice the price of GA5 but they both already come with excellent factory content packages. So no immediate necessity to invest in pricey expansion kits. I can’t really say the same for GA5. Let’s see what the next version will bring us?

We have one advantage tho. They can hardly make the upgrade from v4 to v6 more expensive than it now already is? :laughing:

I mentioned that it was not possible, but it should be noted that it is not possible from a blank kit to use some samples of some kits. However it is possible to access samples of some purchased kits like Neuro Mindset or Colliding Worlds and some others via the VST Sound folder in the Mediabay. Check it out.

It is also possible to load up to 4 kits. You like Nashville (kit 1), but you prefer Simon Phillips snare (kit 2) and Metro Heights Toms (kit 3). There is always a possibility to circumvent certain limitations, if there are limitations.

Those who have enough financial means can afford to have more than one Drums Softwares and I hope it does not deprive itself. For my part, GA5 is the one for which my wallet to yield. I am very satisfied with the product although there is room for improvement. For someone does not own the software and wonders if this VST is a good investment. I say yes. It is an excellent VST. However, I am disappointed with the high price of this update despite improvements in this release.

mmm… i wonder why such an elementary and useful practical feature is not included ! steinberg ? how come it can be ? why always workarounds for this simple thing to do in all other drum VSTI ? :unamused:

In the UK have the full version priced at £130!

Steinberg PLEASE LOWER THE PRICE OF THE UPDATE! It shows poor business acumen. I would buy the full priced software on principle unless you change your stance!

I’m not sure what message Steinberg is trying to send to its loyal supporters of their product in a very crowded market.
The educational version is €5,- more expensive as the upgrade, the retail version is €49,- more expensive as the upgrade and gracing up from an in stock boxed version 4 is €39,- more expensive. IMO even with a 40% discount, €60.- is a substantial amount of money for this upd… euh… upgrade.

When the sales dry up (as they probably have already!) Steiny will be back with their begging bowl! By the time that happens they probably won’t be able to give it away for free!

Even the new version of the Steven Slate drums 5 is only $149 total price.

Also I just noticed that it’s 99 in American dollars yet Steinberg is charging Canadians 150 Canadian. Here’s the currency conversion rate 99 USD = 130.6355 CAD