Not A Bug - D4 Problem With Width Of Choose VST Dropdown

Just reporting something worth noticing…

In D4 Play mode, when adding a VST to the rack, regarding the dropdown for choosing a VST:

The width of the dropdown so truncates VST’s with longer names that one cannot see crucial information for selecting the right one. There are numerous iterations of Vienna Ensemble Pro. The ability to distinguish the iterations listed is lost in some cases.

Perhaps if one could hover over an item on the list the full name could be seen and the correct item chosen?


And I’d like it if the VST Rack column was resizeable horizontally.


Thanks for reporting this: we can certainly make the pop-up wider in the first maintenance release.

We’re not going make this panel resizable horizontally, though, at least not for the time being.

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The pop-up menu opening when assigning a VST Instrument in the rack is too narrow to let one read the name of some instruments: