[Not a bug] Import MIDI as HALion Sonic SE

Cubase Pro 9.5.20

When importing MIDI files with HALion Sonic SE multi-timbral option, unknown tracks are created that can not be deleted.

  1. File -> Preferences - MIDI - MIDI file - Import Options
    select “HALion Sonic SE multi-timbral” from Destination pull down
    (see 1st attached)

  2. Import any .mid file (new project or existing project)
    several tracks are added, depending on the .mid file

  3. Delete all tracks. Two tracks remain which can not be deleted.
    One has a speaker icon which is not a track type for this version.
    The other has no Track icon
    (see 2nd attached
    unknown track types .PNG

That’s not a bug. When you load a VST plugin as a Rack instrument, two tracks are created to allow you to write automation. One contains the plugins parameters, while the other also shows up in the MixConsole and allows you to control the plugin’s audio output.


OK I get. that. I understand adding tracks.

But I CAN NOT delete it ??? This only happens when I i**mport MIDI.**This is definitely an import bug.

No, it’s never possible to delete the two tracks created by “Rack” instruments. You can only collapse the “VST Instruments” folder or hide the folder or tracks using the “Visibility” tab to the top left.

You can only delete “Track” instruments, which will also remove the VST plugin from the project.

so the track with the speaker icon is some kind of routing track, correct?
And the track with no icon is maybe some type of automation track, right?
So I can click-and-drag these tracks and drag them out of the “VST Instrument” folder.
I can then delete the “VST Instrument” folder.
But the other two useless tracks will stay there forever, and that is by design, right?
And even though I don’t have any instrument track there is still a useless instrument in the VSti rack window that can not be deleted. I guess this is by design also.
That is all just too weird!!

That’s by design. But again, remember that you can hide any tracks from the project window by using the Visibility tab.

You can create a Rack instrument by right clicking the zone to the right of the project window or by clicking this button:

Rack instruments can be useful for a few things, but the main reason why they exist is for backwards compatibility and to keep people who prefer the old method of using VST instruments happy. Some people prefer to use Instrument Racks when using multi-timbral plugins such as Halion Sonic SE.

Clicking the “Add Track Instrument” or the “^Track” buttons will create an Instrument Track. This is a more modern, more organized method of working with VST instruments. There are no real downsides to Track instruments, so feel free to use them exclusively.

Thank you for taking the time to make it comprehensible !!
“backwards compatibility” that explains it.
I was thinking it was something they forgot to program when they implemented the combination of MIDI and VSTi on the same track.

I am coming from 30 years of cakewalk. I am trying to learn Cubase. So far, I am loving it!

Thanks again!!