Not a question, just a statement

I’d like to really thank the Dorico team for, well, creating Dorico!
It’s saved me enormous amounts of time on the two projects I recently finished (well, one new project, and the other was to re-engrave a work that has already been performed, but entering it all from scratch in Dorico after initially printing it in Finale).

It was a bit of a learning curve, but not quite as steep as I thought it would be.
And obviously, there are still minor issues, functions/features that are missing (for me, anyways).

But Dorico has allowed me to go over details that I would not have included in Finale because there it would simply have been too much futzing around, and risking losing hours of work because Finale suddenly decided to re-space things (it happens occasionally).

I was able to put multiple passages of free time in both works, where in Finale I’d have had to screw around with removing barlines, calculating amounts of notes, and removing space before and after now-invisible barlines, etc…
In Dorico, this was all a total breeze.

I even had the pleasure of including some fingerings in my violin concerto, along with a few portamento indications, with the pleasure of having the first portamento show text, and the one in the next measure not showing text. Absolutely wonderful! And being able to choose to have fingerings inside or outside of a slur kiss! Perfect.

I’ve always found properly engraved music to be something very visually appealing. Well, I’m finding my scores done in Dorico even more appealing now.


I’m delighted to hear this, Michel, and thank you very much for taking the time to express your appreciation in this way. I hope that you will find plenty more things to enjoy in Dorico 4 when it arrives (not long to wait now!).