Not a single tool working with ARA (SpectralLayers7) under Nuendo

I am trying to use the SpectralLayers7 under Nuendo (I think, the same was with Spectra6)… when I hit extensions on my audio track, it opens SpectralLayers and I just can’t edit. Not a single tool is working. Let’s say, when I take the erase tool and trying to delete some area while holding left mouse button, it looks like it is exactly working and deleting what I want, but when I realease the mouse button, the edited area is back on its previous state.

I am doing something wrong, or it is a bug?

(I tried the same with my wacom tablet, like nothing is happening, but it shows like I am editing the file, but when I release the pressure on pen, this particular edit goes back)

Robin Lobel - SpectraLayers creator and lead developer TOLD ME JUST NOW:
Known issue, fixed in the patch coming early next week.

so thanks for that Robin.