Not able to burn multiple CD Copies with Elements

When I want to make several CD copies of the same audio montage, it does not work.
I would like also to burn CD copies slower than 8x (as I Tune software can do)
may be for the next update

I hope somebody will read my post
This afternoon, I tried to make CD out of the same audio montage but it worked only 1 time out of 4. :smiling_imp:
PG obviously something does not work really well with elements

What happens exactly, when you say it does not work?

And BTW, why do you want to burn slower than 8x ?

Thank you for your quick answers
Actually I got often “error message” before the end of burning process.
I want it also slower because the burned CD can be read by more player and it will last longer (I tell you that from my own experience)
I can not also make an temporary file before burning, that’s why I can multiple copies from the same audio montage.
After it does export, the process stops and the audio montage screen shows up again
I hope it helps