Not able to correctly insert lyrics into score editor

I’m trying to insert lyrics using the score editor settings notepad. I’ve entered all the lyrics into the the notepad breaking up multiple syllables with hyphen’s like this

Mul- ti- ple curse words are fun to sing
when dink- ing a- round with a Cu- base prob- lem.

Then I highlight the lyrics and select the first note the lyric starts on in the score editor and click the “Insert Lyrics” button below the notepad. And as I expect the lyrics get inserted into the score. However lots of times not all the highlighted lyrics are inserted. In the above example even if I had highlighted all the lyrics it might only insert the lyrics up through “around” and leave off “with a Cubase problem.”

There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to where it drops off - sometimes it is just a few words, while other times it may insert a couple dozen or even the entire lyric. The cutoff point doesn’t correspond to anything in the text that I can tell or the end of the line. Also it is consistent in what words it does insert. If I’ve highlighted 20 words but it only inserts the first 5, it will still only insert those same five words if I insert them starting with with a different note on a different staff later in the score.

Hi All,

I have also issues with the lyrics and the way it works in C7 . When I insert, all test that is selected is inserted for each note over again ??..

please help

For C7 there’s an extensive separate forum, with issue reporting section.