Not able to delete voice 2

Hi! For vln1+2 I’m not able to delete empty voice 2. How to fix?

Do you mean Remove rests does not work?
I would then try and put view colours on (that’s something everybody should do actually, before note entry is over), find the last occurence of that second voice before that excerpt, set the last note property to Ends voice, and find the next occurence of that second voice and set the property to Starts voice. Does it solve the problem? If not, then use the property panel>Colour, set it to transparent, and sent the size to 1%. This could be overkill, but those whole rests (not bar rests…) should disappear…

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Remove rests - perfect. That solved it :slight_smile:

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This is the great thing about the Jump Bar: You can type “rest” or whatever and it will list all the commands that match.