Not able to focus to selection when changing layout

I am having problems navigating between layouts… Most of the time I select something in the score and I want to edit it in the part layout, but when I change with “w” shortcut, the selection is not shown… I try to focus to the selection using mouse zoom, but it does not work when the selection is in another page. Maybe I am missing something, but it would be nice to have the possibility to focus on selection, via zoom or via “go to selection” or similar (even better, “go to the beginning/end of the selection”.

In general you should find that the selection is brought into view when you hit W to switch to the counterpart layout. Do you have a reproducible casde in which this doesn’t happen? If you select e.g. an implicit rest then it is true that Dorico won’t bring it into view, but for most “real” items this should work reasonably reliably. Hitting right or left arrow should also be sufficient to get Dorico to move the selection into view if it is currently out of view.

I have a project that this does not work… in both directions (score to part and part to score). The arrow trick does not work either. And I am not selecting an implicit rest. I can send it to you, if you want.

Xavier, is there anything weird about the way either the score or the part layout is set up? Custom frame chains, layouts that have some flows filtered out, that sort of thing? Are there independent time signatures or places where the global bar numbers in the System Track don’t seem to show correctly?

No, but it is a score created from an xml import from Sibelius. At the moment there is only one flow with the default layout frames. The only thing that is “strange” is that I have inserted bar number change at the beginning of each scene (it is a 45-minute chamber opera, so a quite long score).

You can certainly send it to me, with steps to reproduce the problem. My email is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

I have just sent you the project. Thanks!