Not able to launch Olympus choir control panel


I purchased the Olympus Choir micro from the below page

Was able to successfully install and register it.
When I tried to launch it through Halion 6 (6.30 update), I am unable to launch the olynpus choir’s control panel, although I am able to see all the separate tracks listed.

Please help on how to launch the control panel, and handle it in a single instrument track.


You access the Olympus Control panel in the HALion Player by clicking the Edit tab for the appropriate instrument.

Hi Derrek,

Thank you for your support.
I tried the “edit” option from the main window, but it launches only the halion’s window. Inside that, the “edit” tab shows only the halion’s edit content.
I have attached the screenshot. I think I am looking at the wrong place, but, could you kindly guide from where I could launch the control panel for olympus choir micro.


Hi Joseph!
I think your problem here is you’re opening that sound in HALion6 instead of opening it with the provided HSSE… Try that, and you’ll find its Edit tab takes you where you want.

I think you’re just looking at a different page within HALion. Try the other buttons along the top row - it’s probably the Macro button you need