Not able to map Halion SE knobs to my Nektar LX-49


I’m trying to map the control knobs on Halion SE (cutoff, resonance etc.) for a particular patch to the physical knobs on a midi keyboard (Nektar LX-49). This is what I’ve tried as of now:

  1. right clicking and selecting ‘Learn CC’
  2. Move the knob I wish to assign on my midi keyboard

Alternatively, if someone can tell me how I can find out what the current mapping of the knobs is, that’d be helpful too. I noticed that one of my knobs is mapped to the panning option for my track but I can’t figure out how to change it.

I’m using Cubase elements LE 9.5

I don’t have a Nektar keyboard, so I just tested this as following :

  • Using Halion Sonic SE 3, I loaded the Urban pad preset.
  • Right-clicked on the first knob (which is actually a quick control and controls the cut-off frequency of the LPF, in this preset) and choosed the Learn CC function.
  • Used then one of the knobs of my VMK-88+ keyboard, mapped as CC94, channel 1.

FWIW, it works perfectly, here.

Concerning the knob mapped to the panning, I use the Studio Setup>Track quick controls pane, which allows you to change both the channel and the CC used. In it, there is also a Learn option.
After this, all depends about which function is allocated to each quick control at disposal in the track inspector.

Thank you for your response.

I don’t have the option of Track quick controls in my studio setup (maybe that’s because I have Cubase LE and not Artist/Pro? I’m not sure)

The problem is I’m not able to find out where the knobs are mapped to. THey’re definitely mapped to something because I discovered that one of the knobs controls the Panning on the track.

Also, the knobs on the Halion are definitely mapped to something on my MIDI keyboard (because you can see the option of ‘Forget CC’) but I can’t find out what

Uploaded a pic of my studio setup screen

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Indeed, and looking at the documentation, the LE version doesn’t seem to have anything related to the Quick control feature. So, I’m afraid that you’ll have to deal with the Generic Remote one, but it’s a can of worms, when any VSTi remote control is concerned…

Beside this, could you post a screenshot showing what is in the Nectar Impact LX49+ pane ? Just in case…

I’m using Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5. I got it free with an Audient interface.

So you’re saying I’ll need to create a generic remote and then do the mapping? Is there a document or video I could reference for this? Because I can’t really understand how to identify what is what

Also, can you tell me what you’re using? Cubase artist?

Well… It’s either ‘LE’, or ‘AI’, or ‘Elements’. Seeing your first screenshot, it seems that you have the ‘LE’ version, as there is no Quick controls pane available in the Remote devices category, which makes things a little more complicated. FWIW, it’s the ‘Pro’ version that I’m using.

What I was asking for is a screenshot of the pane labelled as Nectar Impact LX49+, under the Remote Devices category : I would like to see what is available in it, before having to deal with the Generic remote feature, and the screenshot you just posted is actually a duplicate of your first one…

EDIT - I’m stupid and should have seen it before : the Cubase LE label is clearly displayed at the center of your arrange window title bar : so, no more wondering about it…

Oh sorry. I didn’t realize I’d left it on MIDI port setup. Here you go.

Thanks for clarifying that I’m using the LE version. Would you happen to know which version I should upgrade to resolve this issue?

I’m rather lost, I admit, after seeing the documentation related to it, but it’s probably because I don’t have any MIDI controller using an USB connection…

This said, it seems that, at least, track quick controls are available in Cubase LE, according to this page. So, the first thing I would try is to make them appear in the track inspector, using the ‘Set up inspector’ tool in it. Once done, try again to use the Learn CC function with HSE3.

Overall, it’s difficult to grasp with the ‘pro’ version installed, and I hope that you won’t have to deal with the Generic Remote definitions : they are absolutly clumsy and not reliable when dealing with specific instruments. I only use them for generic Cubase features control…

Hi Rahul89,
I’m using a LX88+ keyboard from Nektar.
You have several operating modes on that keyboard (Mixer, Instrument, Preset).

In Mixer mode (if you have the Nektar driver installed) you can control the Cubase mixer with the faders and knobs (volume and pan).

In Instrument mode you’re able to control (some) VSTi’s. It’s way more useful in Reason i.e.

In Preset mode you can use your faders and knobs to assign these to any MIDI learnable function normally.

If you want to know what CC values are sent from your LX49+ you can use MIDI-Ox (google for it) to check and write them down to a list.

MIDI Controller Chart Nektar (23.8 KB)

This is an example of what I’ve written down for the LX88+.
Hope this helps.

@funkster1 Thanks I think this is what I’m looking for. So if I’m understanding you correctly,
In the mixer mode, the knobs and faders are automatically mapped to volume and pan and if I want to change this mapping, I need to use the preset mode.

I used the Midi ox tool but I’m a little confused on how to interpret it. I’m attaching the output here. Can you tell me 2 things?

  1. How do I interpret the output of MIDI Ox to create a chart similar to yours?
  2. How do I use this chart above to do the mapping on Cubase LE?

Thank you!

I wouldn’t even care about the CC numbers for now. It complicates things more than it helps.

Suffice to say, in Preset mode you should be able to MIDI learn any control of your chosen VSTi.

For MIDI-OX you should right click in the monitor window and chose “Display decimal”. Then “DATA1” represents your controller n° and “DATA2” your controller value (position of your knob or slider).


Thanks a lot :). This is exactly what I was looking for

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