Not able to monitor with plugin?

Am I doing something wrong here???!!!

Not Able to hear plugin when monitoring the track with Guitar Rig 5 Plugin

MOTU 2408 + Apogee MINIME set as master clock
Cubase 7.5.x
WIN 7 64 bit

I get the sound when monitoring through cubase track (speaker button) monitor. When I insert plugin, nothing happens, Guitar rig is not getting input and guitar DI signal stays clean.

When I put the plugin on input monitor (left side of mixer red fader) I get the input coming in guitar rig meter, but unable to preview the sound of the plugin

I don’t think I am doing something wrong. I used to be able to do this anytime since cubase 3

Anyone knows if I am doing a stupid thing that I overseen?

Hi Rokus

Just a thought, does the MOTU have Direct Monitoring (my Steinberg UR824 does have it) if it does, then it has to be turned OFF, otherwise what you get is the raw guitar input unprocessed. Maybe??

Best Regards