Not able to pan the flute

I have made a musicscore with two flutes in it. It is an imported xml-file. The flutes do not pan to the left or the right. I have tried the space template and the stage template, but is does’nt work.
When I use the pan-options in Halion Sonic 7 it works and you can hear it quiet clear. But I when I stop the playback and start it again, the pan automatically sets to middle again.
How can I pan the flutes?
I’m using Dorico 5 Pro.

Instead of adjusting the pan in HALion Sonic’s window, adujst it in Dorico’s Mixer:

You have to change the instrument to a Panflute …
(sorry, couldn’t resist)


I love it – first post in six years is a pun.

A man after my own heart.


In this case, use a Punflute… :grin:


It was hard for me to resist saying the same thing, but I didn’t want it to be the first reply. Then I missed my chance with the time difference …

in fact we were all lining up …

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Looks like pandemonium there.
But I may just be whistling in the wind.

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Have you tried to Peter Panning?

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I’ve tried that already in the beginning, but it doesn’t work. Both flutes stay in the middle. Other instruments react on it and yoy can hear clearly they move from left to right. But the flutes do not react at all.

By the way, flute or panflute both don’t pan :laughing:
(horns 1 &2 pan beautifully)

They probably are pan horns.


There is also the “Live Stage”, which will affect the panning.

Thanx for the suggestion, but that I also used. No results there…

Can you supply a sample project file? Make a copy and delete the notes, if you like.

I tried your file, and it seems to work all as expected: with panning in the mixer or in Stage.

I can’t see a problem here. The Flute have panning values,

… and I can change the values in the Mixer, and in the Live Stage diagram.

Whether there’s any sufficiently audible difference, I don’t know: you’d have to look at an audio wave, or maybe listen with headphones.

I’ve used the headphones, but it’s not better.
Strangly enough in another peace it works just fine
I will look further
Thanx for the effort

It’s a pity, but I can’t get it right. Any other solutions?

Hi @Norbert_Mime, as 2 other users tried your file without encountering any issue, this means that your issue is not reproducible. And therefore no direct solution is to offer.

But you can have a workaround for your affected file: if you go in key editor and create a new automation (Add Automation) on CC10 , and draw the desired panning for the flutes with the pencil or the line tool there, this will directly speak to Halion, and the pan will be audible and will stay there. Try and tell if it works for you.


Hello Christian,

Sorry it took some time, but I’ve been busy with work.
Your solution works great!
Thanx for the help!

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