Not added to Cubase 6 forum from CMC AI UPDATE

I bought a cmc controller together with cubase 6 from an update of cubase AI but im not added to that forum can someone please help me? be added to 6.5 forum plz?

I have been a cubase user for quite sometime and have just a few days ago installed 6.5, i have started to get an audio click / pop problem. I have in the past had the normal audio click / latency issues which is ok. But this is not normal and seems to happen when i move the mouse about and they are very tiny / not loud clicks or pops.

Ive checked my cpu from vst performance and the task manager and im def not spiking and this is not the audio or any connected hardware?

Is it possible to revert back to cubase 6 does any1 know how to do this and will my projects be ok?