Not all instruments visible in score-window.

Hi there,

Ran into a problem after importing a Sibelius demo file (Nacirema People) as xml-file into Dorico 2.2.
In the score-window (see picture) the Saxophones are not visible. Can I fix this?

Furthermore in the Setup-mode (Setup > Fretted Instruments > 6 string Acoustic Guitar and 6 string Electric Guitar are missing.
These two are the most common used in various genres, or did I miss something.


Add Layouts for the missing Reeds in SetupMode!
(at the bottom right the music-stand icon “Add Instrumental Part Layout”; then add the matching players to that new layout by selecting that layout und check the player(s) on the left side)

The 6-String Acoustic can be found under “Steel-String Acoustic Guitar” and the 6-String electric is just “Electric Guitar”.

(I stopped clicking through the folders because of that inconsistency, I just use the search)

You can easily add any missing part layouts by choosing Setup > Create Default Part Layouts.

As for guitars, it’s true there’s currently no instrument called simply “Acoustic Guitar” (which of course we intend to add) but there is “Electric Guitar”, which is implicitly a 6-string instrument.