not all of patterns are shown in Pattern library


I purchased Neuro and Prime Cuts sets and I expected they should add some of their patterns in Pattern library. In screenshot you can see that only user and Beat Agent SE patterns are shown.
When I load any of Neuro or Prime kits with patterns - its loaded, but still doesnt show any other of their patterns in library.

I had problem also with kits, which were shown in Mediabay in DAW, but were absent in any of GA options. After I’m uninstalled trials and install GA and extensions in one place by default - they appeared everywhere and it’s seems ok now.
But patterns are absent - as you can see here ((

I use Cubase 9.5.21, GA4, installed last update and Windows 10.

I’d be appreciate for your help!

P.S. Does acoustic agent patterns/styles are should be shown in beat pattern library or they are only for acoustic agent? Thanks