Not all VST play, no metronome, music plays before the cursor

Dear friends, I use Cubase 11 Pro and need help. PROBLEM ABSTRACT: On one project I have five VST tracks: Grove Agent, Padshop 2, Mystic, Kontakt, Retrologue 2. When I play on my keyboard whilst monitoring each of the VST instruments they DO sound, this means they are connected, no latency. Yet, when I press Play, only the Grove Agent track sounds. The Kontakt track sounds only so little, you can barely here it. Also, I click on the “Activate Metronome” button and get no click sound. Furthermore, when I press Play, the music comes before the cursor (on the beat before it’s shown). I’ve checked all the connections, metronome settings, control room, etc. and get no results. Same thing happens with other projects. Could anyone please give me an insight? It looks too odd to me. Thank you so much!