Not allowed to place accent?

Can someone help me find out why I cannot put an accent in the right hand in bar 44 in the attached?
La Pintura (569 KB)

rewrite the notes , it works, i think there’s something with the previous notes written

No idea, really, but I find that the following sequence works:

  1. In Write mode, select the whole chord at 44.
  2. Edit > Reset Appearance.
  3. Edit > Reset Position.
  4. Add accent.
  5. Set the Articulations > Articulations of force > Placement property to Stem side.
  6. Redo whatever you need to do (scaling the bottom note of the chord to 0%, adjusting Note Spacing etc.)

hi Pianoleo, i don’t have reset design on my Dorico Pro, is it the reset appearance?

Apologies - that’s what I meant. I have both of those functions on keyboard shortcuts so haven’t looked at what they’re actually called in probably years…

ahh yess, i remember that function in Sibelius though, thank you mate

Thanks a lot, that solved the case.
Things sometimes get crumbled up a bit in contexts where chords are partially tied to each other, don’t they?