"NOT AVAILABLE" message on the strip Channel &REVX

Hi I’m a Mac OS X 10.6.8 and Cubase 5 user.I Just got a new MR 816 CSX.Istalled and upgraded the sofware ( TOOLS fr MR V1.7.1).Everything seems to work fine but i’m still having the same problem: i got the red “not available” message over when i try to open both the stip channel and the revX.No matter if try it as a insert plugin on a pre existing audio track or if i do it on a new one (for monitoring).
Please can anybody out there help me with that??

You need to set the MR to external FX in its control panel

Of course i did. I guess you mean to set the “assign” selector to the RevX/Morrph function in the MR’s front pannel.
It’s the same thing, “not available” is still there

MR816 panelpic.jpg
No thats not it

You need to open the MR control panel on your computer check picture

OOOOK! Thanks a lot!
The problem finally is solved.very simple as you said.
Thank you very much!!