Not bad software at all!

I am currently working on a project where I have something like 85 or so audio tracks running, three multi output orchestral vst instruments, Halion4 with 8 instruments going, Superior Drummer with a large kit, lots of compressors and insert plugins and effects here and there. Somehow this thing is running smooth and problem free.

To put things in context, my early recording days date back to a time when 8 tracks were a luxury. (There was talk about some new fangled system called Dolby to remove tape hiss.) So what I am doing right here on my desktop would have been an impossible musician’s sci-fi wet dream… I can still remember the thrill years later of getting Pro24 on my Atari.

So rather than complain about anything, I’m just posting to say what an amazing piece of software C7 is, (in spite of any bugs which we read and report about on this forum). Now and again the people at Steinberg who read here maybe deserve some praise! Overall, I’m one very happy user. :slight_smile:

Thanks Steinberg.


Yep, too many here forget what it was like and don’t appreciate how far it’s come. Funny how many cry “show-stopper!!!”.

yes dickie i completely agree .

These youngsters and some older moaning mini’s don’t realise what a bloody marvellous bit of software this cubase system is , it’s pioneering engineering German technology at its best and to me has always been the top player so much that ive only ever in my 23 years of use tried 2 other daw’s and sharply came back to the one i love .

i can forgive the .0 +.1 bugs as it happens with most releases and just maintain using the previous version but in this special case ive jumped on to c7 (always having 6.5 as back up ) and ive not had any “show stopping” -“creative threatening”-"end of the world " issues that ive needed to roll back .

We certainly are fortunate and blessed with one holy motherfucking bit of software … well done steiny :wink:

I have only been using Cubase for about 18 months - started with 6. I began many years ago with C-Lab Creator on an Atari ST. Over the years I dabbled with different bits of software (while using an Akai DPS12) and never really liked any. About 18 months ago I got back into music and bought a Yamaha Audiogram 6 on the recommendation of a local retailer. It didn’t take long before I upgraded to 6, then 6.5.

I agree completely that Cubase is an incredible bit of software. I found it totally easy to get into and am so glad I bought it. What it offers for the money compared to what I have spent over the decades is truly phenomenal. But that’s the real reason I like it. It’s just an easy to use environment that works so nicely. Even the current problem I have with 7 shutting down doesn’t instill any negative feelings about Cubase. I know a solution will come and I can still use 6.5 in the meantime.


I absolutely agree to all of the above.
I do remember the time of renting studio time, meaning studios with 8-track analogue tapes and some ridiculously expensive hardware gear like compressors and reverb machines. Having all of that, and much more, at home within my PC, being able to use it whenever I feel like it, that would have been a dream unheard of in former days.

Hats off to Steinberg! :exclamation:

Totally agree!

I started with Cubase LE4, then 5, then 6, then 6.5 and now 7 :smiley:

I record for myself, with “long distance” collab’s (VST Connect) and this is a great tool to be able to get ideas down and then develop, which is necessary for me as I cant read or write music!! I have tried various DAW’s and then found, and have stayed with, Cubase :smiley: :smiley:

Looking forward to the new update!!


Yes it sure used to cost a lot. I remember the studio in which I used to do jingles in the early 80s buying a transport controller costing quite a few thousand pounds, whose only purpose was linking the 24track with video. For that money now you could source a good computer, buy Cubase 7 and quite a few excellent instruments etc. And we get the video sync as just a small part of what Cubase does :slight_smile:

This thread in reality seems not be about how great Cubase is, but instead how great modern DAW’s are. We have lot more and everything is easier, but the demands are also bigger. Nowadays you can’t just record your demo with 4-tracks and send the cassette to a record company, they practically want a complete product. The gap between true professionals and amateurs has been diminished and for the most part that’s a good thing; plenty of smaller bands/projects that do their own thing without record companies ruining their music, and because of modern technology they sound at least decent.

I’m happy with Cubase 7. No “show-stoppers” for me, but of course there are little bugs etc. but that’s just the norm today. No software company publishes a “final” product straight away these days.



The modern DAW’a are like a dream. I remember that many many years ago I recorded an album in a 4-track tape. We were 15 musicians playing simultaneously.

Cubase is a wonderful piece of software :smiley: .


Started years a go with Cubase on Atari ST and ended up nowadays with Cubase 7.01!

Just mentioned over the years, the better the HW, the less problems occur with the SW :wink:
If you save one euro on HW, you will pay with hundreds of problems in SW :laughing:

Just a hint :exclamation:

BTW: I’m a happy user as well…


You were spoilt, I had to make do with Pro 12 :smiley:

Many changes since SX3.

I had been introduced to N4 so the changes in the look of the inspector did not take me aback that much.

Still getting accustomed to the mixer though and how the buttons work, short vs long click is a bit strange but I think I will get used to it.