Not booting up a VST I don't use?

I briefly tried using the same MIDISynth VST that I use for Sibelius but realised it was not going to be good for Dorico and I use something else.

Now, whenever I start up Dorico and open the score, the MIDISynth VST gets booted up too even though I don’t use it. Is there a setting to stop Dorico doing this?


I would have thought the Delete (Trash Can) icon in Play would work, but apparently it does not, whether the “on/off” button at the far left of the VST is activated or not…

Certainly you can delete a VST instrument from the rack using the delete button in the action bar in the VST Instruments panel in Play mode.

Then, Daniel, I’m flummoxed. On my Windows machine, I cannot get this (test) file to comply.
ABACADACoda.dorico (515.8 KB)

I think you have to restart Dorico or maybe just close and reopen the file .


If you delete an entry in the rack but there is also an entry in the rack with a later number, the entry itself will not be removed, but the plug-in will nevertheless be unloaded.

Daniel, that doesn’t seem to work. It’s a MIDI instrument. I deleted it but it seems that the process gets started up when I open the Dorico score (it would also get started up if I open Sibelius because that’s what I use for Sibelius sounds). But I had deleted the MIDI instrument from the list after experimenting so I’m curious why it (Coolsoft VirtualMIDISynth) still gets booted up by that Dorico score.

I have experimented: if I kill it and restart Dorico and create a new score from a default template, the MIDISynth does not get booted up. So, it is somehow called up by my previous score even though it is not used by it?

I mean, it doesn’t do any harm. But it’s just cluter. I don’t need a 120MB process hanging around for no reason!

Yes, it sounds as if it is somehow still being referenced by that project. Could you try doing Play > Playback Template to reset to the default playback template, then re-instantiate your preferred playback devices (if different from the defaults)?