Not BUG Cubase 5 32 bit -Mute+Solo at same time

I have to assume this is a bug, as I cannot for the life of me think of a reason why mute and solo are on at the same time. After I got my project in that state, clicking mute / solo seems to have gone wonkies.

I have included a picture as proof showing both mute and solo on.
I have also included a video to show what happens if you click group mute or solo.

I have had this before but sadly, I cannot produce this in a new project as I have no clue under which cercumstances this happens. It does only seem to happen though when I use group folders.

Sadly undo does not affect clicking mute/solo, as I have had this before and if I had remembered the order of clicking I could have undone it by reversing the actions.

But most importantly, does any one know how to reset this?

For some reason, when clicking the avi link, media player has a problem.
Please right click and save the avi to your computer, double clicking then works fine.

Known issue. Toggle the global mute and solo buttons to return to normal behavior.

Do you meanthe |m| and |s| buttons?
If so, I have already tried that.
The ‘Miriam’ track remains muted.

The global m&s buttons at the top of the track list or all the way to the left of the mixer.

Ok, I have figured it out.

The mute button controls the Mute automation.
The track with the problem was the only track that had 1/2 bar that was muted.
In the screenshot, if I move to just over bar 271, mute button goes off.
If I unclick Read, mute/solo work fine.
If I click solo, then it shows correctly mute when before bar 271 and unmute when just over bar 271.
The only comment I would have is that the channel mute should be seperate from the automation mute.

As to why the mute was there, I have no clue; I definately did not put it there as I have never ever used mute automation.

So the solution is to look for mutes events in automation and get rid of them.

One question I would have, is if you can switch off the Record and Read buttons by default so that Cubase never ever decides to acticate them unless I specifically click them.
I found that they come on as and when they please.