Not Compatible With MIDI Hardware Adapters

Does not seem to work with an iConnect. Virtually EVERY other surface control app i’ve
tried sees virtual MIDI ports in the iPad. Please add support.

Hi DLearyUS,

Cubase iC Pro was conceived to be a wireless remote controller for Cubase.
Could you please describe the use case you have in mind? :slight_smile:

i have an ipad with iConnect midi ports and would like to be able to use icPro transport feature etc

setup is cubase7 on win 8pro connected via firewire to a Tascam FW1884
the iConnect midi is connected via usb to daw for power and midi to FW1884

studio has multiple isolation rooms with midi/ethernet/audio/optical jacks to each hardwired. giving the artist transport control would be perfect…im currently using Lemur to achieve this and it works perfectly but i thought a Steinberg solution would be better considering im using cubase7. wireless isnt reliable enuff in a large studio. the last
room at end of hall and upper floors doesnt recieve an adequate enough signal it seems. its a hit and miss with wireless.

thank you for listening