Not complaining just thinking

Hi everyone I hope you’re all well. I just want to ask a question that came to my mind just now after I visited Steinberg facebook page. And found that I can no longer comment on their posts, after a post I did a year ago or so about being not happy about their customer support. So I got blocked from commenting or reacting on any of their posts.
I was a new user at that time and I didn’t know that you can’t ask for support on that page. But I only wanted somebody to talk to about this new software I bought and that I’m still trying to figure out and I’m having problems with. Not any software the DAW I use to make a living.
My question is… Is that how customers should be treated? by silencing them? They didn’t even ask me or messaged about my issues or let anybody know about it to continue with me. In other words they didn’t care if I’m happy or not. Don’t get me wrong I’m not asking them to give me a hug or care about my happiness I don’t care if they are happy or not either - But as their customer I paid for customer support they are obliged to help me. It’s something I paid for but they chose to silence me, not support me. Let’s hear your thoughts on this.

I just send money. Works every time.

Hi Poinzy, Sorry I don’t understand your comment what do you mean?

He’s joking.

I get what you’re saying, but I would point out that here on the forum you have been an active participant both helping others and getting help from others, including Steinberg folks.

I imagine you can get that ban removed, have you given that a try?

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Hi Steve! Yes I tried earlier… I actually wanted send this message to the page but I couldn’t since I’m only allowed to see the posts but nor comment or message them… that’s why I’ve posted about this here.

Hello thebabegrand,

You are always allow to vent your frustration and to request help. If you have a valid and tangible problem we will always do our best to try and help you. But there is a saying, you will attract more bees with honey than with vinaigrette. You are free to post your grievance, but once it becomes an active campaign against the company that is a whole different game. Commenting on every single post, even from other users, and all products, off topic subjects, etc… That is not the right approach and you exactly know what you did even if you now play the victim here. You have gain a place on our “Persona non Grata list” this is our house and we welcome you here but if you start screaming in our faces like a total online Karen we are on our right to ask you out the door, and remove you the privilege of commenting on our posts. We are after all a company and we can enforce our right of denying you any kind of service just for the way you behave. We are ladies and gentleman serving ladies and gentleman and we deserve the same respect that you request. Also, our social media channels are not an official support channel, so in any case we have never removed your right for support as you falsely claim. You can still perfectly log-in to your MySteinberg account and submit a Support Request Form and receive the support that as a customer you are entitled to. Due to your behavior you did lost your right comment and participate on our social media channels. I will repeat myself; We never denied you the right to request for support, you can still use the support forums and you can always submit a Support Request Form within your MySteinberg account. I also believe in second chances, if you agree and promise that you will change your approach and behavior we will happily grant you access once more.

Best regards,
Guillermo Navarrete
Social Media Manager

Hi Guillermo if you read my message above you’d know that’ I’m not complaining about my current relationship with the company or the community. In my message I was reflecting on something that already happened in the past, back when I was only few months old in this community and a fresh customer and I didn’t know that your social media isn’t a support channel, I got attracted to cubase and let’s put it this way I didn’t know that steinberg momentum is slow that’s what caused my involuntary behaviour. I don’t think I even remember what was my problem. I just remember that I needed help and nobody helped me. Like I said this is the software that I make a living from it’s not the software that you make a living from so you wouldn’t know how you’d feel if you’re trying to learn it in minimal amount of time and still having problems with it. Of course I promise and I want to be able to comment on steinberg posts again!

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