Not condensing to a2 but rather split stems

Yes, the second instrument held by a player cannot be condensed. There’s currently no way to trick Dorico to condense it, I’m afraid.

Got it, hopefully its something that will come later. Seems like adding an instrument change tick to the condensing change box would be a simple path forward. Seems like Dorico only “switches” instruments when that instrument has its first note instead of stopping at the last note. Being able to manually override and tell dorico to look for an instrument change would be good

It is strange though, dorico recognizes the switch before the first note because it shows a “to ob” marking on the previous page, it just doesn’t take that into account in the condensing for some reason until it gets to the new note of the instrument change as that is the only way I can “trick” it. But I don’t need a note on that page so I can’t do it.

In any case, I’m only a week into converted from a lifelong Finale user and this program is quite fantastic. Wish I did it sooner!


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John Barron did a great video about Condensing which helped me understand the complexities and nuances much better. It might be helpful for you too.

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