Not connected (any more)

Some how I am no longer connect to audio. I have a ur22c . I tried to select Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO, but I get the message device could not be opened. It was working before. I tried downloading and reinstalling the driver but didn’t work. I made two screen shots.

You have some other driver installed for use with some software and it’s active at the same time when you try to use Cubase?

I just installed a new 2nd monitor, and it seems to want to become an audio device. I’ve never had this happen before, but I’m seeing it as an audio device. Maybe it stepped on my driver, what do you think? I tried to reinstall the original driver, but that didn’t work.

Thanks for responding!

I wish I knew. What I did was poking around with Voicemeeter Potato which kind of has it’s own ASIO drivers to see if I could get that working. It almost worked the way I want it so I have to try again later before giving up. But in the process I started and shut down Cubase and Voicemeeter like a maniac and more times than I care to admit … I forgot which driver was running and I had to step back to step forward.

I maybe thought you had some other thing going that slipped you mind?