Not created Soft-eLicenser under any installation options (W10 Pro 1909 64bit)


Do you have a rights to write to this folder? Could you try to install eLCC as Administrator, please?

Yes, of course, with administrator rights.

In general, all installation processes, etc. I do with administrator rights. And I tried to change the access rights to the Syncrosoft folders in with с:\ProgramData and with с:\Users\All Users for full access for all users - to no avail. I cleaned the registry, tried installing in safe mode, etc. - the result is only one - the SeLicenser.sel file is not created. Just fantastic :frowning:

Any solution to this yet?

I have the same issue. Reinstalled Elements 10, with eLCC, open eLCC and no Soft-eLicenser is displayed. I can’t create one by reinstalling the eLCC application either (Always running as Admin), the eLCC installation helper fails EVERY time I run it, so that is not an option either.

Is there a way to manually create a soft-elicenser? Because there simply is no other way that I can get one on my harddrive.

And I have a recording session lined up in 2 weeks, so I need this sorted ASAP, please

Hi and welcome,

Try to follow these instructions, please.


Same exact problem for me!!! eLCC displays the USB-eLicenser containing my Cubase Pro 10.5 license, but does not create a Soft-eLicenser. And yes, I’ve used the elc-installation-helper app several times to no avail. No access to my Groove Agent 5 or Wavelab Elements 9.5 licenses. I’ve done everything that jekahawk says he has, but no change. The eLicenser Installation Helper does not even install: “Installation failed” and “eLicenser installation failed”. This is a real catastrophe! If anyone finds a solution, please post!


I would focus on this. eLCC Helper is the only one way, how to generate a Soft-eLicenser Number. Or uninstall and reinstall any of the Soft-eLicenser applications, please.

Have you tried to start the installation as Administrator, please?

Hi Matin,

Thanks for your promptness. Yes, I’ve tried to install as Administrator. I’m about to uninstall and reinstall Wavelab Elements now. Will get back to you with the results.

Hey Martin,

Okay: I uninstalled Wavelab Elements 9.5, then uninstalled the eLCC and rebooted my computer. I then used the Steinberg Download Assistant to download Wavelab and reinstalled it, which installed a new eLCC. Then I updated the eLCC to the latest version ( When I opened the eLCC, the Online Synchronization & Maintenance function kicked in. During the 1st task (Updating eLicenser License Database) it lingered for a long time, and eventually gave me a message (see attached: eLicenserControlSetup.PNG). I shut it down and opened it again a few minutes later, and now the Online Synchronization & Maintenance goes through its 6 steps successfully. However there is still no Soft-eLicenser in the Control Center.

I tried to start Wavelab and got a request to enter an activation code. Obviously my old code is no longer valid, so I went to the Seinberg site (MySteinberg) to get a new activation code, but in order to obtain one I have to enter my “new” Soft-eLicenser number, which doesn’t exist. When I entered my previous activation code, I got this message: Your eLicenser with the number 8519748460 02F7F082ED was successfully registered. This was the number of my previous Soft-eLicenser, but it’s still not recognized by the eLCC, and I still can’t get into Wavelab or Groove Agent 5.

BTW, I also have Cubase 10 Pro on a USB-eLicenser, and that works just fine…


Please, try to go for the eLCC Helper. Why did it fail?

I have no idea how to figure that out.

Any suggestions? Are there log files for the eLCC Helper?


Could you describe (or better to make a video screen capture), how does the eLCC Helper installation look like, please?

Sorry, I don’t have a video screen capture app. There are only 3 screens shown during the process, however, so I’ve attached the only available screen captures:

  1. Pre Start

  2. During process (which lasts 4 seconds)

  3. After 4 seconds

    Here’s a theory: Someone told me the file SeLicenser.sel is the container for soft eLicenser licenses? Is that true? I can’t find the file anywhere on my System © drive. Is it possible that the elc-installation-helper (which, as I read on the Steinberg site, replaces the existing soft-eLicenser with a new one) fails because it can’t find SeLicenser.sel?
    elc-helper 1.PNG
    elc-helper 2.PNG
    elc-helper 3.PNG


Have you tried to trigger the eLCC Helper installation as Administrator, please?

Here you can find a list of all eLCC files. You can delete all of them to make sure the eLCC is uninstalled/pro removed completely. So you would start from scratch with the eLCC.

I don’t think the eLCC Helper wouldn’t be installed because of a missing file. I expect eLCC Helper’s task is to overwrites everything. I don’t think the eLCC Helper checks the previous files presence. But to be honest, I don’t know exactly what it does.

Yes I have, many times.

I have already done all that. I uninstalled the eLCC, then I carefully deleted all the files listed on that page, then I restarted my computer. Then I reinstalled eLicenser. I actually did it more than once, each time reinstalling eLicenser a different way (using eLicenserControlSetup, Wavelab, and Groove Agent). Still not working.

I have a question for you: 3 months ago there was a Windows 10 upgrade (to version 1909), and afterward Windows was no longer able to install (or even find) the driver for my USB-eLicenser. I opened a support ticket with Steinberg, and went 'round and 'round with them and Microsoft to try and fix the problem. No solution was ever found, so I had to reformat my System Drive and reinstall the Windows O/S and, of course, all my programs. That worked, but it took a lot of time and effort. I suspect this may be the only way to fix my current issue, but I truly don’t have the fortitude or the time to go through that again.

So I read everything I could find on the Steinberg site about eLicensers, and I believe I’ve come up with a way to bypass the Soft-eLicenser altogether, but I don’t want to try it unless you confirm to me it will work:

First I would remove the USB dongle from my studio computer, insert it into my personal computer, and install Cubase, Groove Agent, and Wavelab on it. Then I would request reactivation codes, and activate the licenses for both GA and Wavelab. Then I would open the eLCC and transfer the licenses to my USB-eLicenser. After that, when I reinsert the USB dongle into my studio computer, all three licenses would be available and the problem would be solved. And I could get back to work!

What do you think?


Yes, transfer the licenses to the USB-eLicenser would solve the problem.

You even don’t have to install the software to the other machine. You just need to install the eLCC, make sure the Soft-eLicenser Number has been created (hopefully!!!) and reactivate the licenses to this Soft-eLicenser. Then you can transfer the licenses already.

Please, be aware, you can’t transfer the licenses back from an USB-eLicenser to a Soft-eLicenser.

Hi Martin,

Thank you so much for your support!!! I really appreciate your hanging in there with me.

Once I’ve successfully done the transfer, is there a way for me to confirm—on the Forum—that the issue has been resolved?



I’m glad it works for you know.

I can see, some members manage to change the name of the thread and write [solved] before the thread name. But I have never done this. And I have no idea, how to do so. Sorry.

Hi Martin,

It’s all done, and everything is now copacetic! Again, thank you so much!!!


hello …my problem is that i reinstall my win10 64 bit and my WaveLab LE 9.5 64bit dont want to reactivate the license…dont want to give me a new one…and if i try to doit by steinberg page dont find my license…and dont know what to do…can some body help me?


Mostly this happen when the old Soft-eLicenser wasn’t registered in your MySteinberg account. Get in contact with your local support. Provide them your MySteinberg username (email address) and the application (WaveLab LE 9.5) Activation Code. They will be able to find the Soft-eLicenser and insert it to your MySteinberg account. Then you can reactivate.