Not Detecting External Mics (on Tab S4)

I am trying to get Cubasis 3 to work with external mics on my tablet, with no luck so far. I have tried two different Zoom mics (H1 and H2N) and a Samson G Track Pro mic, and in all cases it seems the mics are not detected and Cubasis just uses the tablet’s internal mic (this is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4).

I then tried on my phone (a Google Pixel 2XL) and it worked with the Samson mic no problem (haven’t tried the other two mics yet).

Does anything know if this is an issue specific to Samsung tablets? I might be able to test on a couple of older devices.

Is there a way to select which mic to use?

Playing around with this more, and it does record using the external mic intermittently, but unfortunately pretty rarely, and with no apparent rhyme or reason. I fully charged my tablet and rebooted just in case, and plugged in the Samson mic and tried a recording and it worked with the external mic. Then I immediately tried again and it did not work, even though I hadn’t changed the setup at all.

I really wish there was a way in the app to see the audio inputs and select the one you want. Or to mute the internal mic somehow.

Hi gmfraser,

Thank you for your message.

The upcoming Cubasis 3 update (planned to be released at the end of August) will include a new setup option which allows to manually choose the input device. Please get in touch with me via private message, if you want to test out the current beta version.

Best wishes,

Hi Lars,

Thank you for the update. I will send you a private message.

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