Not directly Cubase related: No tags for MacOS vs Win? New Sub Category maybe?

I am having a hard time reading all the bugs and issues with Cubase (12) and noticed that too many times I am follwing a thread which is related to issues with Cubase & Mac. Many times it is not clear which OS is used, would be great to have a filter or better sub-categories Win / Mac. I know, for How-To questions or feature requests etc. it does not matter, but reading all the issues on Mac and Windows in one mix it is not effective. My 2 cents

Ok, thanks Steve for moving it but here nobody will read it :wink:

I read it, evidently. It’s a forum tag request, and not about hardware devices or computers

Actually it is a bit about Computers (OS) :wink: Anyways. I don’t thing it will ever be made. I am just since long struggling with the two systems together in one forum.

Present company excepted, but, no matter how much information you provide people, and no matter how well-organized the information is, some folks just won’t take advantage of what you give them. I just tell people to use a forum search if they want really specific info about things like OS-related performance.

But this helps only when the topics contain any valid information about the OS or the hardware…
Many people use strange terms for their OS, like Catalina… ??? :grin: