not disappointed but...

but, díos mio, this is a beta-verson, 1.0.0, well.
The concept seems to be what I have been looking for since Sibelius stopped evolving and messed up the interface with this “ribbons” … but obviously today Dorico is yet not the “new gold standard” … which it will be later, I hope, as the overall idea is promising, great work!! I imported (music xml) a short piece for Strings, and the result was looking fine, out of the box.

I would like to sugest

a separate sub-forum for reporting actual, “not working as intended” bugs,

because is’s a lot. I’ve played around only for some hours (did not expect to get a “rock solid, industrial strenth”-thing for “production”), an the list of misbehavior is already long… (long long)

And another sub-forum for “ideas”.

I would like to suggest to put priority to making things work, to make the workfow “flow”, to invest into the basics, before implementing “new features” aka Guitar frames, modern music etc.

Some of these basic things are i.m.h.O.:

  • debug debug debug debug

  • select procedures: select all (not working), select a bar, an entire stave, with one (double - triple) click e.g.

  • select via filters (voices eg.)

  • editing voices (flip 1<>2 eg.)

  • a more verbose help - not everything is self-explaning

Mixer, Playback Mode “sequencer”, are … ehem… very rudimental … but I can wait.
Halion “orchestra” is worse then I expected.

I think the team must have been forced to produce “something” as I must agree there’s an awful lot missing, and an awful lot not working well so far. But I have faith in these guys; after all many of them are responsible for creating Sibelius. And Daniel is fabulous and honest and open, so we can rely up on his integrity and the desire of the team to make something truly great.

I love your idea of a separate sub-forum for bugs; great idea! And yeah, the sound reproduction, not so great so far. Let’s hope.