Not Enough FX Resources

Nearly every time I try to use the built in EQ and Compression in the UR44’s DSP Mix FX, I get the error message “Not Enough FX Resources.” Sometimes I will plug the interface into a different USB port of my computer and it will work, other times it will not. I have completely uninstalled drivers and reinstalled them. I have done nearly everything I can think of. It is the only program open at the time. For some reason, I click on the small power button to activate the EQ and Compression and I get “Not Enough FX Resources.” No other hardware I have has this problem in the USB ports I have been trying. I have tried USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports with no success.

Any help on this would be fantastic. Thanks.


It also happened to me with an UR242, same resources weird thing when using dsp fxmix alone…

I fixed it by decreasing sample rate to 44100 on the driver panel control

hope it helps,


I also have this issue, regardless if I run 44khz or 192khz. I can’t imagine its a performance issue as running multiple fx processors(vst’s etc.) works fine on my computer. Might there be coming a fix for this any time soon?

“Note that you cannot use the built-in Channel Strip when the sampler rate is set to 176.4kHz or 192kHz.”

This is per page 19 of “UR-RT2_OperationManual.pdf” (i.e. “UR-RT4 UR-RT2 USB AUDIO INTERFACE EN Operation Manual” Manual Development Group ©2018 Yamaha Corporation Published 11/2018 YJTT-BO)

It is not reasonable to sell a 192 kHz audio interface and expect customers to not use it in a 192 kHz mode.
Why should customers discover this short-coming only after sifting through nineteen pages of user guide and after spending $350.00 USD for the device. This is not an over-sight. It’s a disservice.

If it’s any consolation, another USB interface company which manufactures red shell cased devices engages in similar behavior. Accessing the built-in audio interface mixer of company ‘F’'s device while in 192 kHz mode, makes impossible the modification of settings. The I/F must be operating at less that 192 kHz for that to be possible. Information about the limitation is also documented in company 'F’s manual. The limitation lessens with models of increased ports.