Not enough room on partition D

I have a new computer Build and Cubase and all other apps work well… But when I tried to use the Pan Normaliser I get the message “Not enough room on partition D”… On my system partition D is a System reserved .

I Uninstalled Wavelab but that didn’t help…

Why has a system reserved partition got a letter at all?


That I don’t know I’m afraid… Its a fairly new install…3 months actually…

Sorry I should have said thanks for your reply…

Disk Management might give you an idea. It also enables you to remove the drive letter - but you might be nervous of doing that, I suppose.


I would start taking a look into the file location definitions in WL. There’s probably something referring to a D:\ drive which you should be able to change. Not that I see any relation with pan normalizer, but maybe WL is looking for a temp directory under D:.