Not enough space for controller lane??

Little changes like this is why C9 leaves something to be desired.

Anyway to revert to how c8.5 dealt with controller lanes? Or is this the way it’s going to be from now on? This is just plain annoying. When you condense to a certain point, the controller lane disappears, and then when you try to get it back… you get (see picture). MADDENING!

As anyone will see from my past posts, I’m not one to complain about anything… but… seriously… What’s the logic here? Why was this implemented? How do I vote to get this back the way it was? Not only can I not condense these controller lanes the way I need to, but it SERIOUSLY messes up workflow for an ALREADY arduous editing process.

And seriously… THIS ISN’T ENOUGH SPACE FOR A CONTROLLER LANE?? How much damn space do you need C9???

This has clearly got to be some glitch. Can we just ixnay this limit?

To fix this, you ACTUALLY NEED TO CREATE A NEW MIDI TRACK, and then copy and paste the MIDI event on to it. Then you can get the controller lane back.

Actually, F this… going to bring this straight to the issue department. This can’t be right.