Not Exporting Materials...for ONLY One File

I’m getting a rather unusual issue that’s afflicting only one particular file in Dorico. I made a transcription of a Bach flute and keyboard sonata as requested by my school’s theory department, but since they want the MusicXML file I have to export that from Dorico. I try to do it and nothing happens other than the “Flows from” folder being created. It also does this when I try to export the Audio or Tempo Track.

What I thought might’ve been a program-wide issue turns out is only for that particular file, as I went into another file and exported audio and MusicXML with no issues. I’m at a loss.

Welcome to the forum, IWieseComposer. Can you please zip up and attach the project from which you’re unable to export MusicXML?

Hi Dan. Was also great meeting you back at Mostly Modern Festival a few years ago. I was the only student there who had already had Dorico before your presentations. The .zip is attached. Thanks for helping.
J.S. Bach Analysis Flute Sonata No. (545 KB)

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you. Good to hear from you again after we met in Saratoga Springs last year (it was only last year, believe it or not!).

This project exports to MusicXML OK for me. The only thing I can think of is that the exported MusicXML file will include the flow name, which includes the ’ character. Try removing that from the flow name to see if that allows you to export the flow OK. Are you on Windows or Mac?

I’m on Windows. Let me try exporting it by removing the extra flow character you stated.

Nope. Still locks even without the extra characters that might cause issues like the ’ and the ( ) things. Audio won’t move past the 0% mark, MusicXML exports nothing but completes in a nanosecond.

The overall path is probably too long. Try renaming the flow to be something much shorter, e.g. “flow 1”, and see if you can export that. (There is a limit of 255 characters for the total path in Windows, unless the complete software stack allows special long path support, which has to be explicitly enabled; some of the components we’re using in Dorico’s stack do not currently have the special long path support.)