Not exporting true interleaved files when "L/R Channels" not selected

If you export a stereo file with the “L/R Channels” option turned on, Cubase exports a true stereo interleaved file, but exports stereo files for EVERY file type - 5.1, mono, whatever…as stereo, using just the L/R channels - and for mono, creates a stereo file.

If you export it with that option turned off, it doesn’t actually correctly interleave the files, or something about the file header is being written differently such that other software sees it as a slightly different thing. Would it be possible to fix this?? If you leave that option off, (because you’re say, exporting multiple file types)…and then bring the files into say Pro Tools, it’ll show them as “2A Channels” instead of “stereo” (or “6A Channels” instead of “5.1”) and then when you import them to a track in Pro Tools, it forces it to create 6 mono tracks, which is enormously frustrating for a dub stage.

Subtly, the file created, whilst still a single stereo wav, is different. I can post examples of the two files, they’re both the same, they’re wavs, they’re one file, but with vastly different behavior…

Could the interleaving get fixed when “L/R channels” is turned off? Or am I missing something?

It’s an enormous frustration to dub stages we send files out to…would be a great help if you could have the option to interleave them correctly WHILST printing many different file types (5.1, LCR, monos, stereos) simultaneously…

I’ve had to import them into PT and then export back out from the clip bin. That gives it a correct interleaved format. Unfortunate but there it is.