Not finding 1.2 under downloads

See only 1.1.10

Try forcing a refresh of the page: normally the shortcut for this is Ctrl+F5 but may vary by browser.

I’m not seeing 1.2 either. Tried emptying browser cache, reloading. Tried Safari, Firefox on Mac OS Sierra.

I tried accessing it via the link at the end of the Dorico Blog post on 1.2, and also by clicking on “Downloads” in the Steinberg Hub in Dorico 1.1.

I’m in California, FWIW.

Here are direct links to the updaters to get you out of the hole, then:



Thanks, Daniel!

Would you be willing to provide a direct link to the version 1.2 Version History .pdf as well?

Of course! Here it is:

Dorico Version History (PDF)

Thank you, Daniel!

I just opened my copy of Dorico and asked it to Check for Updates. The proper download screen popped up right away.

That worked Daniel, thanks.