not getting 2 input levels in stereo channel

I’m using sx2 and I am having issues with stereo channels. When I select the “stereo in” and “stereo out” and try to record, I only get one “wide” input signal level, and not an input level for right and left (cannot pan). What am I doing wrong here? I’ve watched some tutorials but not much out there for sx anymore.

Are you recording a stereo source or a mono source? Either way, it should split the wave in two.
In VST Connections or VST Inputs, do you have the desired stereo inputs/outputs selected?
On the highlighted track itself, I assume you mean you have stereo I/0 selected at it upper left column.

If you’re doing that right, maybe some kind of preference set is preventing a stereo track…?

It’s a mono source (guitar) using an xlr input on my focusrite 2i4. The stereo inputs and outputs are selected. What kind of preference setting could cause this?

Well, if you’re just plugging in your guitar with a 1/4" guitar cable/connector into one of those Neutrik type combo XLR/Phone sockets, that sounds like your issue…that is you’re using a MONO input on a STEREO track that is not hearing a stereo signal, because you’re not plugging into BOTH Left/Right inputs.I believe you have to either split the guitar signal with a mono “Y” adapter (that means 1 mono in/2 mono out) so you can get a signal into both Left & Right inputs on your sound card…or use something like a hardware amp modeler and take it’s stereo out, into both L/R inputs.

That’s how all my own sounds always have worked with a DAW.

Thanks guys…I’ll give these suggestions a try.