Not getting output with midi drumkit input


I have a kat kit2 midi drumkit, plugged into computer using usb.

I am trying to set it up to record etc…

In device -> device setup, midi, i can see the kit there.

On remote device, i set input to kit name and output to windows sound driver.

On my drum kit, i set gm on and local off.

I add an instrument track, set track to halios sonic and add jazz kit to chanel 10.
When i play on the kit, i dont see any signal input on cubase ai, nor is there any output.

Do i need to setup a drum map or is someone that can guide me in the right direction?

Thank you in advanced.

Next to the audio meters on the transport bar are midi activity meters. (Input and output bar respectively)
They don’t show any activity when you’re playing your kit?


Thank you for your response. However, I managed to sort it out, sounds great!

Thanks anyway.