Not getting the MIDI quantize results that I needed

Hi there! I’ve made the switch to Cubase a few years ago (10.5)
I am trying to “hard quantize” my piano notes as shown in in this GIF.
I have tried Quantize, Quantize MIDI Event Lengths, and Quantize MIDI Event Ends, but there are still stray notes that I would like to be quantized as well.
I do not like this behavior so I am checking other ways to properly quantize those stray notes. If you have suggestions, I appreciate your help. Thank you!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I’m sorry, the video is blurred a lot. But as far as I can see, you are not using any factory preset grid. What is your Grid settings? Could you attach a screenshot of the Quantize panel, please?

Thanks for your assistance!
Here is my Quantize Panel:

I was doing a little bit of tweaking the settings so I accidentally set my catch range to 10%.
However, with it setting to 0%, I still don’t get the result that I want (the C4/E4 notes shrinked instead of extended to the end with the other notes).


Then probably the notes were closer to the previous grid line, than the upcoming. The quantisation always snaps to the closer line.