Not getting time signature as stated in the user manual

Hello my seniors, this is my first post in this forum, so before coming to the topic I beg to offer my sincere respect to you all.

I am using Cubase LE 9.5.10 Build 79 (64 bit) on Windows 10. I need to mention time signature at each markers I have created. It is for building my Korg’s pattern where time signature is mandatory for each style element.

I can see from Cubase LE 9 user manual page 21-429 that the Project>Tempo Track toolbar contains “Master” tempo On/Off switch and there is a “Time Signature” selection box, which I can edit for different time signature in a project or to mention the time signature where I need it. Surprisingly, I cannot see that button in my Cubase LE 9 software.

What I am missing? How to activate the time signature box?

Sincere regards from India

First thing, make sure you are looing at the docs from the correct version.

Thank you steve for your response. Yes, I double checked that, it is the correct version. You can see the operation manual for LE here

The link I posted is correct. I don’t know how you managed to, but you’re looking at a manual from 2004.