Not good:- Cubase randomly stopping recording

I’ll submit a bug report when I can narrow this down some more, I just wanted to see if anyone else is having similar problems.

I’ve experienced a few occasions where I’ve set Cubase to record and at some point in the process, Cubase just quit recording. I’ve had other situations where silence was recorded. Now I have a project with 8 lanes stacked up and 5 show no audio waveform in the project window (screenshot attached) but opening the editor for these clips shows the audio is actually there. I’ve even deleted the Images directory but Cubase rebuilds it just the same.

I’ll do some more digging, has anyone seen the behavior before?

OK, Scratch that, opening the sample editor for a silent clip brings up the waveform for the first take, not the silent clip … which is strange in itself.

So, Cubase recorded 3 takes of audio and 4 takes of complete silence in the loop and I didn’t touch the keyboard or mouse during this. WTF is going on?

Press the Windows key and the pause button, note what you see and let us know your system details as well as the problem. The more we know the more we know.

Hmm, I updated my sig but it’s not showing. Nothing is working today.

Anyway, I’m on a Mac Pro 1,1, OS X 10.7.5 with a Metric Halo 2882 box. There’s no Windows key.

I just looped some bass to try and duplicate this bug, no luck so far but I did notice that the timing is way off, almost 1/16th late!

I’m confused as hell here, I’ve been using Cubase for more years than I care to remember and never with such a strange problem as this. I searched the forum and I can’t find anyone with a similar issue. Maybe it’s because this project was started in an earlier version of Cubase?

Did the recording process stop with a crackle or any significant noise?
Did it stop repeatedly at the exact same point in your project?

Had something like that, the other day, now it’s gone. No clue… Sorry, not being really helpful. :question:

Are you playing a keyboard with the keys sending midi control messages. That happened to me once a while back. Every time I played a certain note Cubase would stop. Well its a thought!

You might be on to something there. I’ll do some digging … maybe set up a separate MIDI track while recording audio and see if it captures any stray CC data. Thanks!

How is informing on how to get more information about the system that is having issues, harassment? Without knowing about the OS, Cubase, 32/64-bit, etc. it’s near impossible to help properly with issues.

I think you just have a grudge towards Conman, mate. :wink:

Yes! Here! I definitely have had cubase 7 stop recording audio after a couple of bars for no reason, and then leaving an empty audio part that get shortened to something shorter than the time that it did pretend to record. Believe me, it has nothing to do with project setup time. I’m a very experienced user and this is an error.

Soon I’ll report back with more information on when and how.

Cubase 7.0.1 64 bt on Windows 7 64 bt. RME Fireface 800.

Off topic: I’ve been looking for hours for this post, because of the restricting search function in the forum. Try searching for ‘not recording audio’ Geez, of course they are too common words. The basic functionallity isn’t working. Forum Search function prevented me from reporting it. Finnally I figuered out how to do a google forum search, that got me here.


Happened to us for no apparent reason in the middle of a session. The recording started ok and we were not looking at the screen. After we finished playing the track had stopped as if someone had pressed the * button. [Nobody had!]

We just thought at the time, you know ‘glitch sorry!’ :cry:

as in another thread here…I had that problem and switching off ASIO Guard helped.

Amazing after months of searching this fixed my issue!!

Thank you musicullum