Not happy with Cubase 11 upgrade

Is it just me or is Cubase 11 update a bit of a disaster?

Changes have been made that don’t seem to make any sense, like moving items from one menu to another. Things that worked fine now don’t function properly.

Like the new Direct off-line processing when using RX8. RX 8 doesn’t automatically clear when you bring the processed file back to Cubase, and there is no way to close it in RX8, so when you do another process your only option is to write the previous file over the new one. When RX8 is clear everything seems to work OK until you return to Cubase on off-line processing and the instruction is “press process” which is incorrect – it needs to be “apply”.

Previously when you wanted to do off-line processing with a regular VST you had the option to preview it while you set up parameters. Now there is no preview, just “apply” - or am I missing something?

And of course the old problem we’ve had for some time where Snap is applied seemingly at random to an audio file so even if you truncate a clip at a bar or beat to copy and past, the snap point is sometimes not at the new audio start so it snaps to the wrong place not related to the beats in the grid.

Cubase is such a powerful workstation and there is almost nothing you can’t do in it. I’ve been a fan since its creation. But since update 10 and now 11 I find I have to keep going back to 9 to do certain things because its quicker (less clicks) and it works.


The Direct Offline Processing is not new in Cubase 11.

From Cubase 10.5 to 11, there were no moves. Some of the were made for Cubase 10.

As you write, this is not new in Cubase 11. It’s not random, we discussed this in other thread. It has its own strict logic and it fits to the most users workflow.

Please, use the Audition button.

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Thank you for your response. I am aware that some of these issues like snap point go back a long way, which is why I mentioned snap points. You claim the way snap points are generated in audio clips works for most people. I work with live musicians and drop in on the fly a lot. This is where the snap points fall on the beats in the grid, but don’t move when you change the start point of the audio to a different grid beat, so it snaps incorrectly when pasting or moving. I cant believe we are such a small insignificant group, that a simple command “move snap points to audio start on selected clips” is such a big deal to accommodate us.
The issue with RX8 not being able to close an old file may be an RX8 issue so I will leave that and continue to work in Cubase 9 with RX8.
And the audition doesn’t work with some of the Cubase VSTs. The time stretch is one. I am aware that one must monitor using a rea time version of the stretch type wanted, so that’s not it. Here again, Cubase 9 works.