Not happy with grace period or upgrade pricing

Hi all,

I need to vent. On November 20th I paid $249 to upgrade from Studio 5 to the full Cubase 5. Yes, ten days before the grace period starts. So now if I want to upgrade to C6 it will cost me $149 more. If I had just waited I could have upgraded from Studio 5 to C6 for just $199. I feel like I’m getting shafted here.

Maybe time to look at another DAW.


Potentially all it means is you need to wait a while before the money is saved again in relation to time.

You will find that the majority of users as a rule do not update immediately, reason being they have tuned their systems and do not want to upset their situations so wait until a spare moment.

This is my approach as well.


Which would shaft you in exactly the same way if you were unlucky enough to miss a cut-off point.

Threats will get you nowhere. Pathetic sobbing to whoever sold you the previous upgrade might get you a “customer relations” discount, particularly if you’re a regular and high-spending customer.

Well, wait ten days longer next time maybe you´re lucky then…

I would Advice you to contact the support
and see what they have to say …
the grace period is indeed kinda short
maybe they might be a bit flexible with it … and it never hurts to ask

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Good advice Dj. I’ll ask for a call back on Monday and see if they will help me out. To be honest, I don’t see that much that I need in 6 anyway and maybe Bentley’s advice is the path I’ll take. Thanks for the constructive response.

Personally, I wouldn’t complain about it on the company forum. Instead, I would go to where I bought it and kindly try to make a deal for the upgrade. Exceptions are made on all kinds of stuff all the time. Try being a little covert , call steiny direct and beg for mercy, whatever. When all else fails, then tear em apart on their forum.[if you still feel the need.] :sunglasses:

I bought it from Steinberg! It was an upgrade from Studio 5 which I also bought from SB (I own two licenses). The only way to get the upgrade is from SB. I would hope that SB wants to hear from their customers both with positive and negative feedback. If they’re only interested in the accolades then the forum serves little purpose to help them be a better company and excel in customer service.

To Steinberg’s benefit, from the point of Cubase 6’s announcement on Jan 13, the grace period extends almost 45 days prior, and then extends almost another 45 days afterward to Feb 28. That’s not too bad, considering other big software companies I’m familiar with don’t typically have that long a grace period. But your experience may vary.

A grace period is a grace period. If it was 5 years and you missed a day you’d really be upset. But if it was only one day and you missed it by a day then you missed it by double the grace. One year, month, day, minute, second.
You missed it. Tough.

I’d try all the good suggestions by everyone else but don’t expect them to change their arrangements just for YOU.
Not your fault but I don’t see it’s theirs. As JSW says don’t rant right NOW. Rant after you’ve exhausted all options possible.

Ya bad timing on my part. I’ll see how strict SB is about the grace period. And if they are strict, I really don’t need C6, just like to stay current. I would rather have an update to GA3 that works with the 64 bit Cubase.

It’s a grace period, it has to begin and end sometime.


Not everyone seems to understand this relatively simple concept…

Not everyone seems to get the point of my post :wink:

Oh we GET the point … we just don’t SEE the point.

All steinberg need to do is write a footnote to say that purchases bought outside the grace period will be treated on a case by case basis.

No worries then

Would you like Steinberg to extend the grace period to November 20th? How about those that purchased the day before you? When does it end?

I believe the OP is asking for some discretion in this kind of situation, which as in my experience even from reading the old forum, Steinberg have always shown.

If that is the case then that’s fair enough.