Not have Chord Track send data

I kept searching for why I was getting chords sent to instrument tracks even after soloing one track. I had forgotten I had a chord track so it was sending midi to the focused track. If you mute the chord track it does not send data. Is there a way to have the Chord track not send midi by default? The menu on the track only lets you select ‘monitored track’ or a specific track, there is no “DO NOT SEND DATA”!!??

I gather there is no default for this. So where do we add our suggestions for Cubase? And why wasn’t this already done 10 years ago LOL



Mute the Chord Track, please.

Yes, thanks for the response. I know that I can mute the track. But there should be a menu option with a default setting to not send any midi data.



It’s like any other track. MIDI Track sends data unless you Mute the track. Audio track plays the signal back unless you Mute the track. The same is for the Chord Track.

What is your use case? What do you use Chord Track for, please?


I use the chord track as a placeholder for my chords. I put the track at the top and I can always see what chord I am working with for that measure or beat on any track. It is more convenient than creating a marker track and having to retype all the chords. Plus the chord track does have some extra features.


To me, it sounds like you are using the Chord Eevntd mostly as the markers. Then you can either use the Marker tracks, or you can Mute the Chord Track.

One of the main features is to send the Chords to the given output. :wink:

Yes, thanks. I’ll still request an extra dropdown selection ‘Do Not Send Midi Data’, having the mute on means that the ‘M’ is always on and globally. Thanks for your responses.

While your request might be implemented, certainly it will be long time coming, like a year certainly, considering software planning procedures.

A simple workaround for you would be to add a midi track to your project and send the chord track midi to that. Then you get the best of both worlds.

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Would using the mute tool to mute the individual chords rather than the whole track work?
It does make it harder to see the chord names, but if enlarged they are still visible.

Thanks, it’s easier to just mute the track and deal with it. Although, Steve had a good idea and just route it to an empty midi track.

That concept can be further developed so that the Chord Track appears to be just another MIDI Input available to any Track.

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@raino Very interesting! Very cumbersome (Cubase’s fault not yours!) but very useful. I’ll have a go at this as I too have Loopmidi and use Metagrid!!

Thanks for posting.

Not really, you only need to set it up once. After that it just works.

Fair enough!! :smile: ty