Not hearing Audio Playback


I have recorded MIDI from an external synthesizer workstation, but the playback from CUBASE 7.5 is not being heard. How do I please hear MIDI playback from CUBASE 7.5? I used to use CUBASE SE, and the way to record and monitor AUDIO and MIDI from an external synthesizer in that software, was to make an audio track and a midi track to record and monitor midi from a synthesizer, and the audio track would automatically allow me to hear as many midi tracks recorded within Cubase SE, without having to actually record an audio track along with each midi track. So the set-up would look like below:

AUDIO TRACK Record Monitor
MIDI TRACK 1 Record Monitor
MIDI TRACK 2 Record Monitor
MIDI TRACK 3 Record Monitor
MIDI TRACK 4 Record Monitor

For the audio track, the monitor button would be pushed.
For each Midi track, you press the monitor and record button to record the midi, and after recording, you would only need to monitor them through the audio track (I don’t remember if you need the monitor button pressed on each midi track to monitor them, post-recording them, along with the audio track monitor button), and then the sounds of the external synthesizer could be heard during playback, while recording other sounds from the synthesizer in CUBASE SE at the same time, for completing a song.

Cubase 7.5 does not allow audio playback this way, but does allow recording and monitoring to be done only.

How do I please achieve this same set-up in CUBASE 7.5? Or is this done differently in CUBASE 7.5?

Hi there Jose

You need to tell us a little bit more about your setup, I am certain that it will work for you, we need to know about your ‘physical’ connections, so we can advise you properly

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How can you record multiple sounds from one keyboard into one audio track? Unless you have multiple audio outs… yeah, agree with Dave. More info.