Not hearing effects when recording vocals

Hi can anyone help
I’m trying to record vocals through cubass, but I cannot hear any effects when recording in through a mic into mackie mixer then back into cubass?
I have levels and can hear myself in headphones and records no problem.
But still cannot hear the effects I have on Chanel strip, only can hear once vocal has been recordered.
I know this function works as I’ve had it working before but I have changed something, somewhere, but cannot find out what I’ve done. Please can anyone help
Thanks in advance guys

I’m guessing you do not monitor the track in cubase, but instead, you hear yourself through the monitor option in Mackie Mixer.

Make sure you enable monitoring on the track in cubase and disable monitoring on your mackie mixer. Then it should work!

There are 2 options for monitoring a live signal while recording…if you switch off any direct monitoring & monitor through the Cubase channel you will hear the effects but will also hear delay caused by any latency in your system.
If you use direct monitoring (either Cubase direct monitoring or your interface version of it) then you hear the dry signal before it hits Cubase with zero (or negligible) latency.

So sounds like you are direct monitoring somehow…presumably at the mixer.

EDIT…Or what MaXxive said without all the waffling :smiley:

Direct monitoring is always on the interface.

I believe he’s trying to distinguish between whether the ASIO driver of the interface allows Cubase to control the direct monitoring or not, but you’re right, regardless of this control, direct monitoing is always ‘direct’ from the interface (i.e. before any plugins are applied.
N.B. Some interfaces, such as the Steinberg’s URs have selfcontained or builtin effect plugins, and these you would be able to hear.

I have the same question, only thing i don’t like about direct monitoring is i have to turn it off to hear the track i just recorded. I am probably just ignorant to the cubase functionality. Is there a way i don’t have to turn it on, turn it off each time. Is there a way to automate that function. Been researching but cannot figure it out for the life of me

Finally figured it out!!! No more singing dry. Good video, thank you Killing It.