Not hearing MIDI out CUBASE LE5

Have successfully installed CuBase LE5 onto an ASUS laptop.

When importing a MIDI file (which has been successfully played on WIndows Media Player), the MIDI commands can be seen in the Project Window, music in the editor, but nothing can be heard on playback.

The metronome can be heard, audio can be recorded and heard on playback.

In Device Setup VST Audio System 3 choices are available:
ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver
Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver

Audio Playback and hearing of the metronome tick only occurs in the ASIO4ALL v2.


I’m new to Cubase, but know about MIDI.
The various ASIO drivers are all about audio content, not MIDI. So you have MIDI data that needs to be played on some kind of Virtual Instrument and the output of that would be an audio stream, is output through the ASIO drivers.

What are you using as a VST instrument, or MIDI player, or external MIDI device (if anything) that would create an audio stream from the MIDI data?


I think that was the problem, I have used MIDI quite a bit, but more for choral arranging and print out of scores. I knew I needed a MIDI player or ASIO in the output, but didn’t know where to locate it in LE5. I’m guessing HALion is a ASIO, but that didn’t work either. Eventually (after ALOT of reading posts) I found something called the “Universal Sound Module.” It’s also a Steinberg product, I’m guessing it’s a MIDI player or ASIO. It worked when I loaded it in Output.
I’m trying to make a switch to CuBase myself, for years I used a Swedish (I think) product called Musicator, one of the best MIDI/scoring products I’ve seen. Was easy to use.
Thanks for the answer, it clarified that I knew was doing it right but just didn’t know it!


HALion is a range of products and each of them should have worked to get you audio output from a MIDI data import. They are good products and worth trying to get going again. See
for the full line up of products.
Cubase is very comlpliacted in terms of setting VST, MIDI, Audion, etc, but once you master that side of it, then it is extremely powerful.
I’m glad I was able to give some help at leats and that you are now getting sound. Now the fun really starts.